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About Us

The PRBUSN’S team is a collective of the following: business planners, strategist, business development consultants, creative designers, web developers, online marketing strategist; and, financial consultants, all of whom are able to transform your dreams into reality. Each member of our team has an unique expertise in their respective field—more importantly, our team believes wholeheartedly in unabashed honesty and transparency.

Our Commitment

PRBUSN is for creative thinkers and innovative people, who want to create, develop and bring to fruition a lucrative business; and, it is for those individuals who want to be the driving force behind a successful business venture. We at PRBUSN are both dedicated and committed to doing the right thing by all concerned parties. Once you come to PRBUSN with product or development ideas, we commit to providing services that fit within your particular budget. We are committed to providing professional opinions and honest advice about your idea or project, so that you can choose to invest your hard earned money wisely.

Why Choose Us?

PRBUSN is offering you assistance, in moving your creative idea from it's beginning, developing and the launching phases of your business. We will remain with you through all these phases--from beginning to the very end of your project. Lastly, should you wish, we have the capabilities of building your business website!

Programs Available To Learn & Earn

Whether You Are Interested in Product Development, Business Development, Business Advertising and Promotion, A Student Looking To Learn and Earn In Business, Or Want To Earn Some Extra Money With Our Driver's Referral Program, We Have The Solution For You And Have Already Paved The Way For Your Success. 



Business Development Packages are designed for those persons interested in creating and owning a business, specifically for generating extra income. When purchasing this package, the buyer receives reliable resources: a business planning consultant, specific business related research, along with a variety of technical support. Additionally, buyers receive specific business resource, a variety of designers; and, readily available access to specific marketing information, to fit the buyers' specific needs. With the purchase of this package, the buyer is also provided valuable, yet simple instructions to enhance their business success.



Purchasing a Business Development Package offers valuable, yet simple directions for your business to succeed. We offer a step-by-step road map, which assist you in moving your project forward, once you decide to start your own business. After conferring with a PRBUSN Consultant, your proposed project information is collected, at which point the beginning phase of developing a plan to fit your specific needs will be prepared. The next phase is to develop a step-by-step plan, which is prepared by PRBUSN, in order to afford your project the best opportunity at bringing to fruition, a successful business venture.



This package is for people who currently own their business. The PRBUSN professionals can provide assistance for your business that will increase sales, provide an online mobile presence, and give your business maximum internet exposure that will take it to the next level . PRBUSN consultants are here to help business owners develop a blueprint to optimize their online presence and to help maximize their marketing dollars. Our professionals use compatible industry techniques and the latest technologies for excellent results.



All Students interested in earning while you are learning, are encouraged to select the PRBUSN Student Package: It's FREE to all high school seniors and college students. We want to offer Students EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY to earn while they learn. Students can earn money without taking time from their studies to do so. With all the demands of college life, students may not have time for traditional jobs. PRBUSN makes earning money while learning, easy for all aforementioned students. The PRBUSN process is simple: Just talk to acquaintances, friends and relatives about the PRBUSN Community, all the money making opportunities, products and services we offer. It's Just That Simple--and, you can do this job on your own time! Considering the rising costs for a college education; and, parents doing their best to make ends meet--you, the Student can participate in making college more affordable--THANK GOD for the PRBUSN Student Promotion Program.



If you are a Driver (Private or Commercial) with a desire to make extra money through PRBUSN's Drivers' Referral Program--we have a solution for you! We at PRBUSN have already  paved the way for your success. This unique package is designed for drivers of all types to succeed--we welcome and encourage both private or commercial drivers, use this package to enhance your earning power.



The PRBUSN COMMUNITY offers a GENERAL MEMBERSHIP package for people on a very small budget, who want to be apart of our fast growing community, and earn additional money. This is the perfect membership for people who want to tell everyone about all the wonderful money making opportunities PRBUSN provides. When you encourage people to join, you help yourself and our ever growing PRBUSN community. Every new member strengthen the foundation of our community and provides a platform for all the members who would like to launch a business some day. The more new members we bring into our community, the more resources and business success everyone will enjoy!

Owners and Consultants Who Care

Learn and Grow Your Business With An Owner and Business Advisors That Care and Have A Vested Interest In Your Success.  The Company's Owner And All The Staff At PRBUSN Have Years Of Successful Business Management And Operational Experience They Will Put To Use To Help You Succeed.

  • Derrick Holtz — CEO & Founder

    It took years of personal struggles and hard work, before I was able to break into the business world, so I could share my great ideas.Despite following traditional business models, my attempts at securing appropriate resources to bring my ideas to fruition, were repeatedly unsuccessful. Often, I felt discouraged, but, never once did I feel defeated. Knowing there had to be a better methodology to succeeding in business, I began relentlessly researching ANY and ALL possible avenues, to bring my ideas to fruition as a business practice model. As a result long periods of trials and errors, incalculable hours of research: PRBUSN was created--which is a model for those seeking a path to obtaining business success


  • Miz Frankie J. Davis — Chief Operations Officer

    Frankie J. Holtz-Davis holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degrees & Clinical Certification; Retired Service Manager (City & County of San Francisco's HSA), Certified Group Mediator; Family Conferencing Facilitator; Adjunct Professorship (twenty-five years); Certified D.V. Program Manager; Author of San Francisco's City & County Human Service Agency's D.V. Service Protocol; Author of "Mahrynie Red: The Journey" an autobiographical work; "Sarah: A Study in Multiple Personality Disorders," Forensic Psychology Journal; "V.O.I.C.E.S., in Orange County's Social Services Agency, Southern California and "The Men Folk," a non-fictional compilation of personal stories about the unheralded lives of sixty-six (66) African-American men.  Ms. Holtz-Davis is currently a Consultant for several human services agencies, with the State of Nevada.


  • Smart Media Marketing & PR — Digital Marketing and Partner For PRBUSN

    The principals of the business have over 35 years combined experience developing, consulting and growing more than 200 small and medium-sized companies. We focus on client acquisition, marketing, transforming website properties and massive exposure and growth for our customers. Each client’s needs and objectives are unique to their particular business or practice.  Our personalized and tailored service provides a specialized game plan to meet the exact results our clients desire.


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    Not Sure What Program Is Best For You? Get A Free 30 Minute Consultation With A Business Consultant To Discuss Your Business Goals And Objectives & Find Out The Best Way To Reach Your Goals.

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