Product Development Package

Purchasing a PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE offers valuable, yet simple
directions for your PRODUCT or PROJECT to succeed. We offer a
step-by-step road map, which assist you in moving your project forward
and could help you decide to start your own business. The research
PRBUSN has conducted in the areas of PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT provides a
comprehensive understanding of basic principles to create, to build,
and to complete your project.


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Here Is The Information You Will Receive When Purchasing the Product Development Package

There are DRAWINGS and DRAWING TECHNIQUES, that either tell a story or fail to tell a story.
My recommendation to any person with an idea or project: secure a professional drawing of that idea or project for presentation purposes. This drawing will allow the project to be show cased with the best possible visual effects; and, it will elevate your project’s potential for success. Companies providing professional DRAWING SERVICES have at their disposal, the latest 3-D drawing technology.These professionals can take a sketch of your project idea from a paper napkin and create a professional mock
up, which prepares your project for the production or manufacturing process. The cost of drawings vary
from company to company. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

It’s my recommendation, any person with a great idea or project: Have it EVALUATED.
Companies providing EVALUATION SERVICES are typically PATENT ATTORNEYS or similar legal
services. An early evaluation of your idea or project could save thousands of dollars, and prevent your wasting countless hours of hard labor. The EVALUATION phase will assist you with assessing your project’s value, avoid patent infringement; and, assist you in REVAMPING your project, for an optimum chance at success!

A PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT COMPANY is supposed to be a “ONE-STOP-SHOP,” for your product or project. These companies claim they’re able to take a concept or drawing to market. There typically is a
cost for every phase of the project’s development. More often than not, this process will cost thousands
of dollars, depending on the different phases or program levels a project is in–if your idea or project is successful at all. The combination of the initial phase and project development phase–will likely take two years before you reap any monetary benefits from your efforts. Typically, you (the owner) receive a percentage from the manufactures–and, the Project Development Company, allegedly has the expertise
to help you negotiate the best possible contract. In actuality, these Project Development Companies know from the outset: only 2% to 4% of all ideas or projects submitted to them for development, will ever earn
any money. Whenever you deal with a PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, be sure you read the SMALL PRINT and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

A SOURCING COMPANY, is generally a “One-Stop-Shop,” for production of NEW PRODUCT ideas. These companies take your idea or project and prepare them for production or manufacturing. Sourcing Companies assist with a minimal amount of development, but, their primary function is to: find a manufacturer or supplier to complete the project. After a Sourcing Company has met your requirements and completed it’s tasks, that company ships the finished product to a location of your choice per your instructions. Again, the cost of services vary from company to company. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

A FULFILLMENT SERVICE COMPANY provides several different shipping services. Typically for finished products, you make arrangements to ship your products to their destination. Fulfillment Service Companies will select, package and ship products to your customer’s destination, for you. Fulfillment Service Companies vary in size and specialize in different types of shipping services. The range of products shipped by these companies can range from large bulky items–from bicycles to furniture; or, items as small as an envelope or post card. Again, service costs will vary, depending on product size, shipping location, number of items, etc. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

In negotiating with the aforementioned service providers and companies, be mindful that: the volume of products will weigh heavily on the cost of services. The more product volume you provide, the lower the cost of services. At the outset of your business, remember to reduce costs: package and ship your own products.

This CRITICAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION is designed to provide you with a general understanding of DIFFERENT SERVICES and COMPANY OPTIONS; also, this information is put forth to save you precious time and money. It is my recommendation that every person anticipating bringing an idea or project to fruition, that you explore and research all the above noted information, before spending your precious time and hard earned money.

PRBUSN will continue researching the best options available, to provide service information on our WEBSITE, in support of our members. One of our primary objectives is: “To help people move their PROJECTS from an IDEA to a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.”

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